Bernd Fiedler - Plastics technology
                         Apparatus construction


The guidelines, points of view and code of values which are applicable in the company and which form a basis for the actions of both management and employees are intended to reconcile the objectives of

    • profitability,
    • survival and
    • growth

and to achieve an acceptable balance between them in the long term.


  • Manufacture and sale of plastic components
    • Technical injection mouldings
    • Two-component injection mouldings
    • Overmoulding of inlays
    • Fabrication of high-grade design articles
    • Screen and block printing (also UV inks)
    • Welded connections using ultrasound technology
    • Mounting of assemblies
    • Painting and galvanizing (using subcontractors)
  • Manufacture and sale of handling and automation systems
    • o Handling systems for plastics technology
    • Removal devices for plastics technology
    • Ejector couplings
    • Tool clamping systems
    • Accessories for toolmaking and plant construction
  • Leasing of office and shop floor space


  • Survival in the competitive marketplace on the basis of sustained profit.
  • Optimum returns for customers who are satisfied with and willing to reward our material and non-material services.
  • Internally committed and satisfied employees who identify with the company and its objectives, who work with the necessary degree of care and cost awareness.
  • A quality policy which encompasses not only to the performance of products to be supplied but - as we understand it - applies to all our actions in dealing with customers, suppliers, employees and others (e.g. the public).

  • Personnel competence
    • 5 project managers (engineering graduates, plastics engineers, toolmakers)
    • Quality Management Representative (engineering graduate)
    • Trained metrology specialists for quality assurance
    • Trained specialist personnel on the process engineering management level
    • Around 100 skilled employees in the production departments
  • Technical competence
    • 25 modern injection moulding machines from 230 to 6.500 KN clamping force
    • Three automatic screen printing and two block printing presses
    • Ultrasound welding machine
    • Our own toolmaking shop
    • Central raw material supply
    • Fifo warehousing system in the Schlotheim plant
    • Gauge room with 3-coordinate CNC measuring machine
    • Centrally controlled production planning and maintenance (factory data acquisition, manufacturing requirements planning, SPC)
    • Complete electronic data processing department for order processing and data management
  • Product competence
    • Conception, design and production of injection moulding tools
    • Online processing of 3D CAD data. Model digitization, copy milling
    • Prototyping according to original models in silicone moulds using casting resin technology
    • Injection moulding of plastomers up to appr. 3.200 g shot weight
    • Injection moulding of high-temperature resistant special materials
    • Two-component injection moulding using the transfer system
    • Overmoulding of inlay parts
    • Fabrication of high-grade design articles
    • Screen and block printing (also UV inks)
    • Welded connections using the ultrasound technique
    • Mounting of assemblies
    • Painting and galvanizing (through subcontractors)
    • Handling systems and removal devices
    • Accessories for injection moulding machines and plants for plastics processing
  • Quality competence
    • The Asselfingen and Schlotheim plants have been operating a quality
      management system certified to DIN ISO 9001:2000 since 2001
  • Miscellaneous
    By ensuring a high degree of operational integration between project management, tool design and production, prototyping and the various producing divisions, BFA has created ideal conditions to operate as a system supplier to customers who wish to source from one single supplier for reasons of patent protection or competitor confidentiality.